Friday, July 21, 2006

Keni River Classic

An Alaska Senator catches a 63 lb king.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Here is Ricks state/world record

this is the replica mount of the big boy that is hanging in Backcountry Outfitters

27lbs 10oz of pure brown trout from missouri!!!!!

Float Trip to Bondad on 6/25

heres a 19" rainbow caught on a noble chernobyl

the 20" brown caught on a Phesant tail

Brians cutt

My first fish of the day on a noble chernobyl

here are some of the fish we caught on this full day float. I only boated 4 fish but they were all 17-20 with the biggest being a 20" brown. Brian is shown with his beautiful 20" cutt caught on a noble chernobyl. most fish were caught on a #14 phesant tail.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Lake Trout Otoliths Tell Tale

Invasive fish likely came into Yellowstone Lake from nearby waters

Friday, July 07, 2006


The fishing on the Animas river has been awesome. The Baetis hatch in late April was phenomenal. I'm talking like 40-50 fish days everyday. Then runoff hit and lasted untill about a month ago. The amount of snowpack this year was minimal compared to last year, so the river dropped to 460cfs. The monsoons finally arrived and the fishing on the San Juan has heated up over the last few days. The carpenter ants are swarming and the fish are gorging themselves on the clusters of ants that have been flooded out. I wish i was down there right now getting in on the action, but im managing the shop. The PMD's on t he animas have been coming off everyday for the last 2 week and a half, which gives us some dry action from 10am-12pm. A #20 cream sparkle dun is the pattern that best matches the hatch. If you decide to nymph, then throw #12-18 copper johns, phesant tails, princes, caddis pupae. big sculpin patterns are working well right now also. Swing them down through the pockets and then strip and pause.