Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Long Time Coming

Its been a long while I think a year to the day that I posted last. A lot has happened, I quit working for the Caddis Company and Bass Pro to come back to Colorado and Work as the Head Guide for Colorado Freestone Fly Shop and Guide service. The Arkansas behind my house looks like chocolate milk and is running at 2020cfs. After a meagre caddis hatch, which Ed Engle wrote an article about me for the Boulder Daily Camera and which made, fishing the rivers has pretty much ceased. I am fishing in a lake tournament next weekend in Pagosa Springs also.

I now live in Howard Colorado population 1201. elevation around 7500 feet. I live right above the shop which is located right on Hwy 50. All is going well for the time being.

I fished spinney mountain Reservior last week in 9in of snow on the ground, and snow blowing all day but the rewards were worth it.